Digitize your Pest

We help companies quickly and easily gain visibility about pest incidents to manage and prevent contamination like never before.

Who do we serve?

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Food Facilities

Those who have to deal with regulations. Our data analytics and AI can help you be pest free and audit ready.

Shared Office

Technology Vendors

Those who power the pest controllers. Our AI API can help you offer more with your SaaS tool, smart trap, or other tech.

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Pest Managers

Those who help others get rid of the creepy crawlies. Whether you have a small outfit or a national operation, we can help.


How we help

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Service Faster

Spending too much time checking traps and servicing facilities? Just take a picture and keep moving. Let our AI do the boring stuff like counting bugs.

All Hands In

See real-time activity and identify trends, from the field at the office. Invite team members to collaborate with to-do tasks and updates.

Financial Report
Build Trust

See and share reports on what is happening in all locations with customers and clients. Retain an accurate history of pests and applications.


How does it work?


Our AI Technology

Use our market-leading technology platform to identify, analyze, and forecast pests. With images taken in the field, our technology can identify common insects with very high accuracy and provide scientific name, full common name, and instar.  Our A.I. model is self-reinforcing and improves over time.

Machine Learning Model

Boasting 90%+ accuracy over 45+ pest species, our unique Machine Learning Model is trained on thousands of images captured in-field, not only in a lab.

Entomologist Review

Our team of expert entomologists reviews pest images taken in the field, and checks the results of our Machine Learning Model so it learns over time, and gives you peace of mind.

Trend Visualization

Once you’ve collected pest images, visualize your data using our custom dashboard.  All your photos and data are stored in one place.

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