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Using AI to stop pests

Pests destroy over 30% of all food produced. They affect and disrupt huges parts of our lives.

And as effects of climate change continue to worsen, we expect pest activity to not only increase but to change. This will affect how we eat, sleep, work and, generally, enjoy our environments. We also know that indiscriminate use of pesticides can have major, negative repercussions to the environment.

That's why at Extrasense we aim to minimize the impact of pests by digitizing along the pest value chain. We aim to be proactive, to stop problems before they ever surface. By being proactive, we believe operations can:

  • Minimize the use of chemicals and save on extermination costs

  • Increase profits by reducing waste

  • Reduce shut downs due to infestations

  • Improve their image by reducing customer complaints

  • Reduce costs associated with FDA audits

Pest Control

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