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Pests affect every part of our lives

In a world where pests are responsible for destroying 40% of our food supply, the need for efficient pest control has never been greater. Digital monitoring tools offer a proactive and data-driven solution, helping us safeguard our precious resources, reduce waste, and ensure a more sustainable and secure food future.

Our Story

We are passionate about solving big challenges. That is what motivates us as a company and gives us purpose. Pests impact every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to food production.

In 1985, our CEO Oliver Sanchez, was attending grade school in Mexico, set up by APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) in collaboration with the Mexican government. The school was set up to support the families who worked at "The Fly Factory". The plant was used to sterilize Screworm larvae using atomic energy and thereby controlled the spread of Screworm flies. This was a collaboration between the US and Mexican governments. Our CEO remembers taking field trip visits to the facility that smelled of rotten meat and produced millions of larvae.  He was in shock at the amount of human and economic resources need to stop one little fly. 


 The Mexican-American Commission declared Mexico
free of screw-worm in livestock on February 25, 1991. Involving a total investment of 413 million dollars and
protecting 77.5 million head of cattle on 491.75 million
acres of protected land.

If countries need to spend hundreds of millions to control just one pest, we want to find a different way. 

Extrasense Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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