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A simplified Facility Service App for Pest Control Technicians

Photo Capture


Barcode Scan

In App Chat

Automatic Pest ID & Count

Photo Capture & Annotations

Visual Evidence

This feature enables technicians to visually document the pest-related issues they encounter. Photographs provide clear and indisputable evidence of pest activity, making it easier to communicate findings with clients and colleagues.

Streamline Communications

Technicians can add annotations to the captured images, highlighting specific areas of concern or providing additional context. Annotations help streamline communication and ensure that all stakeholders understand the severity of the issue.

Barcode Scan

Easy access information

By scanning barcodes or QR codes, technicians can efficiently access essential information about the pest devices, . This streamlines the workflow and enhances the accuracy of pest management efforts.

In App Chat

Share insights

Instant communication through in-app chat facilitates real-time collaboration between technicians, allowing them to discuss observations, share insights, and request assistance when needed. It promotes a more coordinated response to pest issues.


Automatic Pest ID & Count

One of the most valuable features, automatic pest identification, and counting, significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of pest control. This technology uses image recognition and AI algorithms to instantly identify and count pests in captured images. Benefits include: 


Time Savings


Enhanced Accuracy


Faster Response

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Data Driven Insights


Continous improvement

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